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Carlos Chapa born in Brownsville tx, raised in Houston tx.

Carlos as a young man had struggled with being skinny through-out his teenage yrs.
it was a part of him that he wanted to change.

In 2001 his brother introduced him to weight lifting and from that moment it changed his perspective on not only how he viewed the sport of bodybuilding but how he viewed himself.

Carlos got to work and quickly realized his potential for the sport of bodybuilding. He began his competition career in 2013 as a light-heavy weight bodybuilder, won his class and immediately got hooked. Carlos competed in 5 shows total before winning his IFBB pro card in 2016. Carlos has developed his physique beyond expectation and currently competes as a BodyBuilder in the professional IFBB League with the intention to bring his personal best package to the Mr Olympia stage.

With 10+years of experience, NASM certification, and professional athlete status, Carlos knows what it takes to bring an outstanding physique and developed a passion for sharing, leading and guiding his clients into their best bodies.

Carlos son Trey, 16 is his number one fan and motivator. He has shared this World of health, fitness, clean eating, determination and Hard work. Carlos is blazing the pathway to leave his legacy of mental toughness and discipline to his son, so Trey will be fearless in his pursuit of any goal he desires to achieve.